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Camel London Talent started in 2017 as just a talent management agency supporting up and coming diverse Influencers within the blogosphere, it was just a new boutique agency that wanted to support Influencer of colour and of multiple diversity who had very few resources and connections to building their careers as millennial Social Media stars. Founded by Top Influencer and previous Celebrity Makeup Artist Chanel Ambrose, her vision was to support new talent within the community in which she has grown a business in over the course of 8 years. 

Today, we open our first studio that simply connects and collaboratives creatives alike. Our space is for the use of creatives to build their freelance business, either as an individual or as your small team. Our space is for our members, who join on an ideal pass that works for them, either part time or full time, the flexibility is completely open to our members. 

We encourage our members to work with each other as they can benefit from collaborating on projects, connect with our brands and influencers who are represented by us at our agency. We are passionate that your business grows effectively and therefore offer this service and tools to aid our clients to push to maximum growth.



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