Last month we hosted our first exclusive Plus Size event hosted by Chanel Ambrose called Be Plus+. Eight hours of unique shopping and getting to know each other while drinking a cheeky glass of prosecco. This was a closet sale which consisted of five top UK plus size influencers with over a million followers combined. They were @chanelambrose, @edeebeau, @emmatamsinhill, @lovelyliss3 and @ioana_fit.  They brought clothes, shoes, bags and accessories to sell all for a discounted price. The aim of the event was to bring together diverse ladies for a sip and shop experience.  


Everybody was in high spirts; it was a female social hub where subscribers got the chance to meet their favourite bloggers and network whilst shopping.  There was a meet and greet where their followers got to have selfie moments  with them by our lovely flower wall feature and they were able to chat and engage with them and really have in depth conversations and  most importantly create memories to last for a lifetime. 

We had tasty cupcakes which were done by @elegantbakedcreations. The cakes definitely went down a treat; they were so scrumptious it had our guests wanting more. 

During the event we decided to have our own camel London’s “try on haul” This promoted confidence and it was fun to see what the items looked like on.  

Everyone left with a goody bag sponsored by @barrymcosmetics and @ambyrose.  We could tell that our ladies were having a fantastic time.  One of our guests said “It was a lovely event, it was worth the journey and the time, I got to meet my favourite vloggers and it was a nice energy. I would love to come to anything that they are planning.” Our females thoroughly enjoyed themselves and can’t wait for the next one.

If you missed it, don’t worry! We will be having another one in august, so stay tuned and keep up to date with us on our social media @camellondoncreatives. 

Writer: Faith Adeyemo



Here at Camel London creatives, we champion diversity and are always on the lookout for new and fresh content creators who represent just that. We have selected ten top black British bloggers who we think have amazing work and deserve to be recognised.  If you are keen to discover different bloggers who we love, you have come to the right place.

  1. Jetsetter Jackie

First up we have the beautiful Jackie, a travel blogger who is adventurous and loves taking risks. Her captions are motivating and inspiring showing her audience that anything is possible and not to be fearful. Jackie has been to several countries such a Hong Kong, Hawaii, Brazil and Ghana just to name a few and isn’t going to stop now. What we love about Jackie is her exceptional images that take you on a journey. Her feed is captivating and we can’t wait to see what destination she goes to next. Be sure to check out Jackie’s Instagram to see her amazing content @jetsetterjackie.  


 2.  Raven Navera    

           Raven is a talented travel and lifestyle blogger and youtuber. Her Instagram shows the art of travelling through fashion posts. Raven’s feed has a consistent bold theme throughout which stands out.  Her passion for food, fashion and fitness which she calls the three ‘F’s are expressed through her imagery. Her mesmerising video content where she displays visual representation of her travels, hair and beauty is simply captivating.  We adore Raven’s feed; it takes you to a different dimension. To see more of Raven have a look at her Instagram @ravennavera and  @itsravennavera.



3. Estare

 Esther is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. She has a strong online presence and continues to dazzle her audience with remarkable posts. Esther also has a YouTube channel where she does fashion hauls, hair tutorials and much more. Esther loves to travel and her editing skills are extremely fantastic. Through her video content, Esther never fails to carry her audience along with her to experience the travels too from beginning to the end. Check out Esther’s Instagram page @estaregrams.


4. Lydia Dinga

If you are looking for an Instagram page with content full of travel, fitness and lifestyle then look no further. Lydia Dinga showcases just that on her Instagram feed. Her fitness routines and workouts is enough to inspire anyone to get their summer body together. Lydia’s love for travelling and exploring new places has been documented through her YouTube channel. One of the things we love about Lydia is her relatability and her genuine soul which she portrays through her content. To see more head over to Lydia’s Instagram @lydiadinga.


5. Rebekah

Rebekah is a fashion blogger but not limited. Her Instagram feed shows style in a unique way by focusing on colours such as white, black, grey and brown through her outfits. By doing this it emphasises simplicity giving a classy feel to her page and making it relaxing to go through. What we love about Rebekah’s page is her ability to show that less is more through her outfits and also that neutral colours don’t have to be boring. For more of Rebekah’s work, her Instagram handle is @thebeckseffect.


6. Hermon and Heroda

Twin fashion and travel bloggers Hermon and Heroda are nothing short of exceptional. Their Instagram feed screams positivity, happiness and excitement. They incorporate lots of colour in their outfits which makes them stand out. Their Instagram handle name ‘being her’ represents Hermon and Heroda having one lifestyle but two different personalities. The twins have hearing impairments which they share information about how it comes with its challenges. Their bravery to inspire people through travelling the world and fashion is what we love about them, not to forget their infectious smile. Be sure to check them out on instagram @being__her.


7. Dazhene

Dazhane is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who has an incredible feed. Her sense of style is beautiful, from co-ord sets to dresses, even a simple t-shirt and jeans. She shows that no matter the outfit it can be adapted to suit whatever look you’re going for. What we love about Dazhane’s page is she incorporates colour and her pictures are crisp and clean. Dazhane also captures images when on holiday bringing the beauty of wherever she stays through her pictures. Her Instagram handle is @dazhaneleah.


8. Fiona Kolade

Fiona is blogger and a super mum! She is a wife and a new mother, her Instagram feed is phenomenal. Her highlights page screams goals. From outfit posts, food recipes, natural hair tutorials and so much more she is able to handle everything on her plate with ease. Fiona is also the founder of ‘smash your goals’ planner. To see more of this incredible woman check out her Instagram page @itsfinallyfiona.


9. Sarah J Holder

If you are looking for an individual that all outfits look good on then Sarah is the girl for you. Her feed is incredible with neutral outfits suitable for different occasions. Sarah has a YouTube channel and does try on hauls. Her fashion is appealing showing that pieces can be quick and on the go and you can still be fabulous. Following on from this Sarah is the founder of a clothing and sunglasses store called Venus Virgo. She is into interior design; let’s just call her jack of all trades. What we love about her is her authenticity and drive. Sarah has a love for travel which she displays in her Instagram feed. To see more check out her Instagram @sarahjholder


10. Daisy Boateng

Daisy is a fashion and travel blogger who stuns us with her outfits and dazzling smile. Her love for travelling and fashion shows through her feed. Using a variety of colours such as orange, pink, brown, and blue creates a vibrant effect. What we love about Daisy is her energetic personality and her images are aesthetically pleasing wishing we were going along with her to different destinations. To see more be sure to check out her Instagram @daisyboateng.

 We hope you enjoyed reading just a mixture of some of our favourite bloggers in the UK. There’s more coming soon, remember to follow us on all our social media platforms @camellondoncreatives. 

Writer: Faith Adeyemo